July 2019

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  • PACC 2019 results

    Just received award from the PACC. The Dutch participants results of the PACC 2019 have been published in the Electron magazine of MAY. All results (Dutch and international) are published on-line (See the Results page). 1st Place in Category SO 40m HP SSB. Op: OE1ZZZ. Thanks to PACC for the Contest.

  • RCC 2019 Plaque received

    RCC – Russian Contest Club Cup results 2019: 1st PLACE Place Callsign Score QSOs Points Mults Final/Clmd Cfm/Clmd Cfm/Clmd Cfm/Clmd 1  4U1A 515592 422 2728 189 572400 449 2862 200 Thanks to RCC, RK4FD, RA9AP and RW3DD for the Plaque.