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  • Global COVID-19 Radio Event Set for June 6 – 7

    Stations bearing call signs that promote the “stay-at-home” message and the value of social distancing and isolation have sprung up during the COVID-19 pandemic, with some 150,000 messages of support shared around the world. An on-air gathering over the June 6 – 7 weekend will offer a further opportunity for stay-at-home stations and radio amateurs to share […]

  • Turning pages of the 4U1UN history

    Pc Electronics – Radio Amateur 05-1991 (Archive) (Warning: Part of the text was damaged and poorly read). Author: Carole Perry (WB2MGP) Media Mentors inc. PO Box 131646 Staten Island NY 10313*0006 An Invitation to 4U1UN Most of us would agree that any 8th grader should be able to speak intelligently  about the United Nations, its […]

  • 4U1UN QRV in support of the global SH movement,

    James K2QI, President of United Nations Radio Club (UNARC) reports that on June 6 & 7, 2020, the U.N. HQ station 4U1UN will be QRV in support of the global STAY HOME (SH) movement, an event endorsed by IARU President, Tim Ellam as well as under the patronage of the Foreign Minister of Finland, Pekka […]


    THE STAYHOME CAMPAIGN AWARDS The best scores in each continent receive a plaque. Online certificate is issued to: – Top 30 multi-mode scores – Top 5 single mode scores on each mode – Top 3 scores of each continent All these award winners (63 stations) will participate the grand prize lottery. THE GRAND PRIZE WILL […]

  • ARRL: UN International Center in Vienna Joins Stay-at-Home Movement

    04/24/2020The Vienna International Center in Austria has authorized the call sign 4U2STAYHOME for use by the UN Amateur Radio Contest DX Club, 4U1A. United Nations Amateur Radio Club President, James Sarte, K2QI, approved the call sign to promote amateur radio goodwill and over-the-air social networking. QSL cards go to UA3DX. Contacts with 4U2STAYHOME count for both CMA […]


      4U-2-STAYHOME / FOR YOU TO STAY HOME In the world-wide amateur radio community, social distancing is not an issue. The ham radio network operates by radio waves with signals flying high and wide, across all borders near and far. Amateur radio operators are well-known as communicators during the happy days, but also during times of […]

  • COVID-19 and 4U1A

    Inform you, that due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and quarantine at the UN Center in Vienna (Austria), until April 13, 2020, the 4U1A club station goes to remote control mode.

  • United Nations ARC, 4U1UN

    PRESS RELEASE From United Nations ARC, 4U1UN New York, March.04.2020 YASME FOUNDATION IS RECOGNIZING THE KEY PEOPLE BEHIND RE-ACTIVATING 4U1UN The project took over four years to complete; James Sarte, K2QI and Adrian Ciuperca, KO8SCA are the key amateur operators who worked on the project and as such they will be the recipients of the […]

  • Pirate on the AIR

    We regularly observe the pirate activity by 4U1VIC callsign. The station is currently (temporarily) QRT. Activity takes place mainly in CW mode on 14 Mhz. This time we managed a short video of the pirate’s activity, who named himself Horst and gave QTH being near Vienna. We would like to bring this fact to the […]