In the world-wide amateur radio community, social distancing is not an issue. The ham radio network operates by radio waves with signals flying high and wide, across all borders near and far. Amateur radio operators are well-known as communicators during the happy days, but also during times of crisis.  Even if physically locked down, the world is wide open for them. They are encouraged to communicate, keeping their channels clear and their minds and skills sharp for global messaging if needed. While they now extend the physical distance between friends, at the same time they grow closer in their social distance – their minds and hearts.

The United Nations Amateur Radio Contest DX Club (ARCDXC) 4U1A in Vienna (Austria) with the support of the United Nations Amateur Radio Club (UNARC) in New York UN HQ (USA) 4U1UN are working together to increase awareness and promote the normal orders of each society during period of the “COVID19” Global pandemic outbreak. To do so, the three-million strong amateur radio community is encouraged to stay in touch and keep up their global network.

With that charter and mission in mind the ARCDXC invites all amateurs to join forces. Keep up the radio activity and the global social network!

The countries are encouraged to participate our shared mission with similar STAYHOME callsigns. For coordination purposes please kindly inform The Finnish Amateur Radio League SRAL on coming new country activations:  hotline@sral.fi

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