JFYI – Рекорды Гиннеса

Бытует мнение, что за рекорды Гиннеса, которые затем попадают в известную всем книгу рекордов, выплачивают крупный гонорар. Однако это не совсем так.

Вот, что говорят Правила:

How much do I have to pay when I make my record attempt?
Generally, nothing! The only time Guinness World Records might expect payment is if you need to use our Fast Track or Fast Review service – and if members of our staff have, by arrangement, attended your event. Also, while all successful record breakers receive, free of charge, a certificate recognizing their achievement, we do make a charge for any additional copies if they’re requested.

How much does Guinness World Records pay their record breakers?

We never pay record breakers for their achievements – we also do not cover expenses, offer sponsorship or provide equipment. We believe that the prestige and international recognition of being an official Guinness World Record is reward enough. Also, our record holders are fuelled not by financial gain but the satisfaction of setting, achieving and surpassing their goals – and receiving the offical Guinness World Records certificate.

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  1. karelka says:

    “…здесь легче дышать, здесь чище вода, легко отыскать дорогу сюда, но тот, кто пришел останется Здесь навсегда!!!”

    (Толя Крупнов, если Вам не все равно. “Дом желтого Сна!”)

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