Комета HOLMES приближается

Consider yourself lucky if you have clear skies this weekend. Conditions couldn’t better for seeing Comet Holmes. The fuzzy new “star” in Perseus has stayed bright enough to see with the unaided eye since it puffed out a huge, expanding cloud of dust on October 24th. Now that it’s new Moon, you’ll have a full night of darkness to enjoy this beautiful, evolving object with anything from your eyes alone to a big telescope at high power.

Although the comet will eventually fade, there’s no telling when — or whether a second outburst is in the cards, as happened in 1892–93. To track it during the coming weeks and months, use the handy finder chart at right.

As always, we want to know what you saw. Visit our reader report page and post your comments. You can also submit your photos to our Online Gallery. We’ve grouped the images into bundles spanning two weeks, so you can more easily watch the comet’s evolution over time.


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