New SDR “Transfox” transceiver 1-1100 MHz

TransFox is an SDR (Software Definable Radio) transceiver, based on the SynFoxHigh Resolution Multi-Accumulator Fractional-N synthesis.

It is available in receiver or receiver/transmitter configuration covering 1MHz to 1100 MHz. Frequency plan can be extended beyond existing frequency range upon agreement., and some additional and unique options, “ruggedness options” or “robustness options” are either available or in preparation.

TransFox Highlights

  • General coverage 1-1100 MHz
  • Outstanding LO resolution (1Hz), phase noise & lock times thanks to SynFox technology
  • Brings unique VHF, UHF and SHF coverage to SDR
  • SDR demodulation and modulation over 50, 100 or 200 KHz baseband
  • Compatible with existing Windows or Linux software in addition to specific SigFox software
  • FFT spectrum analysis
    1 Hz tuning resolution through conventional ”fixed filter/agile LO” operation, or SDR “mouse tuning” operation


Price: 549 EU

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