Албанизация Балкан. Продолжение следует…

Г-н. Тачи. Лидер банд формирования UCK в Косово. Боевое прозвище – “змей”
Нынче – Премьер Министр Косово

Montenegro has always been, and will be, on of the main destinations
for Kosovar tourists, said Kosovo’s premier Hashim Thaci.

Smajl Smaka

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci expects Montenegro to recognise independent Kosovo soon,
and Montenegro does not hesitate in recognising Kosovo’s independence.

– I am confident that this will happen in the new future – said Thaci to agency Mina, adding that there are
many field in which Kosovo and Montenegro, as neighbours, can strengthen their cooperation.
According to Thaci they should focus on the trade, economy, investments, cultural exchanges, but also on tourism.

– Montenegro has always been, and always will be, one of the main destinations of Kosovar tourists – Thaci stressed.
Thaci thinks that the most important thing for Kosovo is having settled good relations with Montenegro.

– As neighbours we will work together in all fields which concern the interests of both countries – said Thaci.

P.S Трава в Приштине действительно высокого качества
Про туристов это сильно. Ага, сначала туристы, а потом и “коренные” жители.
Между строк следует читать – албанская Греция, албанская Македония, албанская Болгария,
албанская Черногория и т.д.

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