A Radio I Wish I Still Had

Many years ago, when I was SWL (UA0-139-86) I had two great Russian military receivers (see picture below). It was a heavy and very reliable equipment. After a few years (in 1975) I got my first HAM Radio call sign UA0KCE and this equipment never let me down. This Radio I Wish I Still Had

R250M (“Kit-M2”)    and    “VOLNA-K

The List of HF equipment I have been used:
Military Receiver: “R311” (SWL)
Home made transceivers: UW3DI-I, UW3DI-II, UW3DI-III (UK3ABB modification)
TS-940SAT, FT-101, IC-756PRO-II, FT-900, FT-857, FT-817, FT-1000mp, FT-890, FT-902dm and etc…

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