New BLA-1000 HF Linear Amplifier

Powerful transistor amplifier with up to 1000W output power. The BLA-1000 amplifier uses two MRF-157 transistor in a push/pull configuration with a supply voltage of 48 V. This results in a very good linearity and wide band capacity. The amplifier is useable from 1.5 to 55MHz, with a constant output power over all bands. The amplification is approx. 10dB (factor 10), i.e. for full output a transceiver with 100W TX power is required.

The major benefits of a transistor amplifier are of course the immediate readiness of the amp after switching it on, and the operation without tuning. This enables a very fast band switching. A precise detection of the TX frequency automatically selects the correct band filter. Several protection circuits turn off the amplifier in case of an error, for example at high SWR or high temperature. Error conditions are signaled through LEDs and the LC display on the front panel. Three large, temperature controlled fans reduce the noise level of the BLA-1000. The fans are mounted on a very large aluminium heat sink which transports the heat to the outside. This enables long transmissiosn at full power.

Operating the BLA-1000 amplifier is very easy. Just connect the transceiver, antenna and a PTT line ang go! Operation by HF vox is also possible. The LC display on the front panel shows all relevant information: Input- and output power, SWR, temperature, ALC level, current band, antenna output and much more. Two large analog instruments show other informations like supply voltage and current, power etc. All required information is presented so that it can be checked very quickly and easily.

The BLA-1000 amplifier offers two antenna outputs. Which one to use is either selected manually or automatically. For automatic operation the user can program which antenna should be active on which band, for example 160, 80 and 40m on antenna 1, and 20 to 10m on antenna 2. The amp then switches automatically between the antennas.

All in all the BLA-1000 offers high and constant output power over all amateur bands on shortwave and 6m, very simple operation without tuning. Whether you want to talk at leisure and with a solid signal, or you want to have the fast band switching for contest operation – the BLA-1000 offers all.

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