HF/VHF Tactical Radio R&S MR3000H

Advanced HF/VHF Tactical Radio R&S MR3000H

The R&S MR3000H belongs to a new family of high-performance digital radios covering the HF and VHF/FM band in a single unit. Thanks to different high-speed data modes and protocols as well as different antijam modes for HF and VHF/FM, it perfectly integrates into tactical communication networks. The radio is software-configurable and reprogrammable including pre planned product improvement (P?I). All members of the R&S M3TR family are based on one mechanical platform, with a common logistic concept and one man machine interface (MMI).


? Multiband capability (1.5 MHz to 512 MHz with external devices)
? Multiwaveform capability
? High data rate up to 64 kbit/s for data and video
? Software-configurable and upgradeable (P?I)
? Selective links in one net
? Low volume/weight
? Power saving mode
? Integrated GPS and position report
? Removable front panel for flexible use and integration
? User-friendly MMI


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