The all band model has all ham bands, RX 100 kHz-30 MHz
The two band model frequency coverage is 2 MHz…8 MHz
Transmit modes LSB, USB, CW and tune

Output RF power 10WRF output, SWR, voltage and PA current displays in LCD
Built in keyer: Dot priority, Iambic A, Iambic B and straight modes
Good clickless CW keying with adaptive ‘VOX’ time
Three filters: Wide, Medium and Narrow with a good shape factor
Outstanding dynamic range and good sensitivity
Excellent AGC with slow and fast modes
Dual DDS controlled VFOs with a split TX/RX function
First-class optical VFO encoder with 480 steps per revolution
7 digit frequency display with 10Hz display resolution
Three selectable VFO tuning speeds Slow/Fast/Very Fast
VFO lock feature
RIT with it’s own tuning knob
Graphical S-meter range S1…S9+40dBm
Non volatile memory for VFOs, modes, settings and calibration

The most recent software updates will be available and users can easily upgrade the firmware without any special tools with the build in flasher utility and a PC serial cable. The control software (firmware) is written in the C programming language. Source code will be available for experimenters.

Power supply
Nominal supply voltage 13.8 VDC (range 11 VDC…15 VDC)
Nominal supply current RX0.4 A, TX 2.5 A

Width 182 mm, Height 60 mm, Depth 185 mm

1.2 kg (all band model), 1.1 kg (two band model)


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