SDR Cube Project

  • Standalone SDR transceiver … no PC, portable, compact
  • Self-contained single band … based on the I/Q RF front end
  • Softrock-compatible … designed to interface with SR v6.3 RXTX, etc.
  • Low Power … 90ma (Cube), plus 100 ma (Softrock Rx) or 300 ma (Software Tx)
  • Add-on RF Amp & Attenuator … good control of incoming RF, optimize some SR features.
  • Quadrature Sampling Clocking options … DDS, Si570, or I2C to target Softrock
  • Built-in Keyer … 1-100 wpm, Iambic A, B, or straight key
  • Popular HF modes … SSB, CW, AM, Digital (with special interface to NUE-PSK for digital modes)
  • Special interface to NUE-PSK Modem … digital interface provides best quality
  • Graphic LCD Display … Provides clear indications of the many status and options
  • Bandscope … provides +/- 4 kHz spectrum visibility for Rx, signal monitor for Tx
  • Audio filtering … low corner 200Hz, high corners 700, 1500, 2400 or 3600Hz
  • Audio Output … Headphones or amplified speaker, Binaural Audio
  • Beeper … User interface clicks, code practice oscillator, and more
  • Frequency agile … Fast/Med/Slow tune, dual VFOs, memories, RIT/XIT
  • Menus … Calibration, all settings, system gain, sidetone frequency, etc.
  • Software Upgradeable … Bootloader enables user to load new software versions
  • Open Source … Take the source code and add your own features

Project Details

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