New ICOM Transceiver IC-7410

All Band HF +50 MHz (SSB / CW / RTTY / AM / FM) 100W Transceiver IC-7410

The basic performance and advanced feature, provide a full HF operational.

* The same level of 32bit floating point DSP running at high end models.
* The third order intercept point (IP3) +30 dBm Class (HF band) achieved.
* Double super scheme in the wake of a flagship machine.
* 15 / ? 6 / ? 3 kHz with the 1st IF filter.
* Large display, a larger MIC / RF PWR knob due to improved operations.
* RTTY comfortable operation to achieve frequency stability ± 0.5ppm.
* Standard band scope to achieve efficient operation.
* IP remote control software supports RS-BA1.

Details: (ICOM Japan)

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