Digital modem program

Digital modem program for Linux, Free-BSD, OS X, Windows XP, W2K, and Vista.

Software By W1HKJ & Associates fldigi / flarq – digital modem

Download at: download page
Complete Change Log from version 1.33 to current version.?


* Added new PSK-500 mode
* Added “robust PSK” modes: PSK-125R, PSK-250R, PSK-500R
* Added PSK63F mode, compatible with MultiPsk PSK63FEC
* Added Contestia mode
* Added MT63 modem preamble tones to aid signal acquisition
* Added selectable filter widths for Hellschreiber modes
* Added AGC and S/N detector for FM-HELL modes
* Added Olivia noise estimator
* Improved THOR and DominoEX squelch responsiveness
* Improved Olivia squelch detection
* Improved Feldhell AGC and S/N detector
* Improved RTTY decoder
* Removed THOR soft decoding
* RSID now works at the same time as modem decoding
* The HELL-80 tone spacing was changed to 300 Hz
* Added new RSID codes
o CONTESTIA 32-2000
o CONTESTIA 64-500
o CONTESTIA 64-1000
o CONTESTIA 64-2000
* Modified RTTY 75 baud menu
o Removed RTTY-75 from menu structures
o Added RTTY-75N, 75 baud, 5 bit, 170 Hz shift
o Added RTTY-75W, 75 baud, 5 bit, 850 Hz shift
* PSK Browser – Added decoding for PSK63F and new PSK___R types
* RSID code additions
203 OLIVIA-4-125
204 CONTESTIA-4-125
211 OLIVIA-64-2000
214 OLIVIA-8-2000
221 OLIVIA-32-2000
229 OLIVIA-4-1000
234 OLIVIA-16-2000
238 OLIVIA-4-2000
247 CONTESTIA-8-2000
254 CONTESTIA-4-2000
255 CONTESTIA-4-1000
259 CONTESTIA-16-2000
* Post RsID – Removed post RsID transmission pending resolution of OS X segmentation fault caused by post RsID.
* ThrobX – Added Idle-Space initialization to rx_init method.
* Contestia Olivia – Changed LOG_INFO to LOG_DEBUG for event log printing of Contestia / Olivia parameters
* RSID code added for CONTESTIA-128-2000

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