Tracker2 Series APRS Tracker

Tracker2 model OT2m

The standalone OT2m model has all of the below features, and comes fully assembled in a heavy-duty steel enclosure. It is not available in a kit format. The OT2m also includes a 30 amp solid-state relay for remote or timed control of DC loads or automatic control of radio power.
* Plots received positions as waypoints – APRS stations, objects, and items received over the air can be passed to a GPS receiver to be plotted on its map display. When used with a supported Garmin or Magellan GPS receiver, waypoints will be created with appropriate map symbols, comment text, and elevations.
* KISS support – Use with any packet program that supports the standard KISS interface protocol.
* APRS Digipeater – Supports multiple aliases, WIDEn-n and TRACEn-n style callsign substitution with dupe checking, hop count limiting, and optional preemption. May be used simultaneously with tracking and KISS functions.
* Command console – A traditional TNC2-style serial console provides a simple, platform-independent configuration interface. Additionally, APRS station-to-station messages may be sent and received from the command line.
* Remote control via APRS – Most of the commands available at the console may also be issued through APRS station-to-station text messages. This allows the unit to be reconfigured from anywhere in the world with APRS access. Access can be limited by callsign and through the use of a secure one-time-password scheme.
* Upgradeable – Firmware updates are free and easy to install. Firmware images can be downloaded directly from the website with the Windows-based configuration utility, or they can be transferred to the unit from any XMODEM-capable terminal program for cross-platform compatibility.
* Flexible and Expandable – Extra analog inputs and digital I/O lines, plus a Dallas 1-wire bus, allow connection of a wide variety of devices.
* SmartBeaconing™ – APRS tracking with SmartBeaconing™ support for automatic beacon rate control, compressed format support for shorter packets and better precision, and timeslotting for efficient, coordinated channel usage.
* Weather Station Support – Supports Peet Bros, AAG 1-wire, and LaCrosse WS-2300 series weather stations.
* On-board temperature and voltage telemetry (OT2m only)
* Dual serial ports (via splitter cable for OT2m, or front-panel data jack for T2-135).


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