DX-Hunter for iPHONE & iPAD


DX-Hunter is an application for amateur radio operators, short wave listeners and of course other interested people.
See with DX-Hunter which amateur radio stations that are still missing in your log book are on air right now… wherever you are… whenever you like… Live!

DX-Hunter can alert you when stations you need are appearing on the bands even if your app isn’t running (push notifications).
Decide, whether you want to receive spots/alerts of stations…

…where the entity is still missing in your log
…where a certain band of an entity is still missing
…where the entity is not yet confirmed (QSL)
…where a certain band of an entity is not yet confirmed
…which you have not worked before
…which you have not worked on a particular band yet

or all stations (without filtering worked ones).

Additionally alerts can be limited to certain modes, bands (different band-settings per mode possible), continents, CQ-zones, spotter locations, etc..

Most nonsense-spots are filtered automatically to avoid alerting you unnecessarily.
Spots of the same station (same call, mode (and band)) are also filtered if they are within 1 hour.

Login to the online user-account created for you to up- and download your logfiles for easy filtering and QSL.

The DX-Hunter-Server is connected to the worldwide DX-Cluster-Network. The server fetches and analyses the spots made there and forward them to your DX-Hunter app, regarding to your log book entries and/or app settings where they will be clearly represented (incl. a world map with animated pin).

All informations received are stored in a tiny database on your device so that they are accessible even when you are not connected to a network or for looking them through later on.

There is a huge amount of available settings which will allow you to customize the app regarding to your needs (see screenshots).

If your app isn’t running, the DX-Hunter-Server will store the alerts for you meanwhile and transfer them automatically, as soon as you start up your app (alerts of the last 4 hours, up to 500 entries are stored).

– NO need to select the already worked entities manually, simply upload your logfile from your favorite log-book software.
– Simple logfile-download of worked stations for re-importing in your external log book program.

The entities in the app are taken from the current ARRL entity list.

DX-Hunter is developed for iPhone and iOS4 but will also run on devices with OS3.
Supported devices are: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

DX-Hunter covers the following HF-bands: 160m, 80m (incl. 75m), 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m.

These operating modes are available:
SSB, CW, digital and beacons.

APPLE Store (11.99 USD)

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