New QRP Kit “Mosquita-3”

Mosquita is a typical “Made in Old Europe” Kit-Design.

What does this mean?

1. European HAMs know it, US HAMs may have heard about it: Short wave in Europe is a strange thing. Hundreds of high power BC stations cause extrem high signal levels even at smaller antennas in Europe. At winter evenings it is quite normal that a Receiver must handle up to 300mV and more. That?s the reason that typical European Receivers are using a selectiv frontend.

2. “Made in Europe” means: Technical better solutions determine the design. We prefer less compromizes even if this makes it more difficult to sell the kits because it gets a little more expensive uneasier to build the kit.
E.G. Mosquita is offering a full 5 Watt PA using an oversized 2SC1969 transistor. This helps during portable operation where very often the antennas are not so well matched. Mosquita is probably the smallest kit offering a fully functionally AGC with > 90dB dynamic. To get this, we had to use some extra parts on the small footprint – this makes it more complicated to assemble the kit, but we are sure, a real HAM who wants to get the best rig for portable use will be able to handle it.

What do you get if have built Miss Mosquita?

* A fully equipped 40 m CW Transceiver ( DDS Versions of Mosquita will be available for 80m 40, 30, 20m starting June 2006 )
* single conversion superhet with a 6 pole Cohn filter
* filter bandwith of some 500 Hz (40 m version)
* VFO tunable over the entire CW segment
* Sensitivity about 0.4 µV (By design reduced because the < 0,1 uV of the prototypes is ways to much due to Antenna noise at 40m of abt 0,8 uV
* AGC on the IF, more than 90 dB of dynamic range
* Adjustable transmitter output of up to 5 W on 40 meters
* Efficiency of PA of more than 70%
* Soft keying of the transmitter
* Monitor side tone facility
* Working voltage of 10-14 Volts
* Working current, RX 30 mA, TX+RX some 380 mA. Pout= 2W at E=12.5 Volts.
* Optional RIT

Starting in April 2006 Mosquita got a new, more functionally enclosure. It?s made from a very stable 100mm x 100mm x 25mm Aluminia Profile and offers space for usable optional Addons like the Universal RIT, a PK4 keyer, the Micro SWR Meter, a PLL CW Indicator and even a Digital readout.
The Basic Mosquita now contains: Double sided PCB, all parts, enclosure, 10 turn pot with mechanical Readout, all Jacks.


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