DH8BQA’s Single-Button-Voice-Keyer PIC Project

# PCB size 75 x 49 mm up to our analog sequencer boards.
# The entire control needs to be done by a small PIC 12F629/675, to save space on the board (the 12F series has only 8 pins, but that only 6 possible I / O ports for input and output).
# A memory is sufficient, but the speech must be switched into a loop.
# Recording and playback of the message should be signaled by an LED.
# he AF output of the parrots has separated from the microphone of the operator run (Have you schonmal the CQ keyers voice calls from one where you can hear in the background the OP still “slander” because the microphone and the voice keyer connected simply parallel were? ;-)) Just gray happy …).
# Transceiver-Mikrofon m?glich sein. This recording is for maximum flexibility, both on an electret capsule and the transceiver microphone should be possible.
# The AF output level must be adjustable (adjustment to the TRX input!).
# The NF-go signal is electrically isolated from the transceiver to prevent ripple effects (in current transceivers such as Yaesu FT-817, 857, 897 else if a problem).
# It can be to get only leaded components are used, the CQ-parrot so copied by less experienced radio amateurs.

/Sorry for Bad German translation/

Details (German language)

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