DG1DBM Traps WARC Dipole

The new dipole for the bands 30m / 17m / 12m
Overall length: 8.46 m
Weight: about 300g
Choice of “UHF” or “N”socket

Made in Germany


Company’s E-mail: info@engineering-manz.de

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2 Responses to DG1DBM Traps WARC Dipole

  1. EMILIANO says:

    Dear Colleague,
    I want to know how to get this dipole, WHAT IS THE PRICE AND IF COULD BE SENT TO MY HOME HERE IN SPAIN. And how they work the WARC bands.
    THANK’S 73.

  2. admin says:


    You should contact with Author directly – DG1DBM
    Marc Manz
    Steinbach 26
    58553 Halver

    His E-mail: manz.marc@gmx.de

    73 Sparky

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