LP-500 Digital Station Monitor

Availability is projected as early 2011.

* Bright, High Resolution Color TFT Display
* 16-bit DSP Processor
* USB & RS-232 Interface
(not needed for normal operation)
* Flash Upgradeable
* Fast Screen Refresh
* 12VDC Operation
* Interface to Rig is Through Remotable RF Couplers
Which Attach to the Rig / Amp Output
* Provides Everything You Need to Know About
the Quality of Your Transmissions

Watt / SWR Meter
* Couplers for HF, VHF, UHF, Power up to 10KW
* Frequency counter for band indexed calibration
* Up to 4 Channels with Simultaneous Sampling & Auto-Ranging
* NIST Traceable Calibration
* Simultaneous Bargraphs for Peak & Average Power, SWR
* SWR & Power Alarms w/ Adjustable Set Points
* Readouts for Ref Power, Compression Ratio & dBm
* Size: 7.25″ W x 4.0″ H x 6.0″ D

Waveform Monitor Scope
* Adjustable Sweep & Trigger
* Multiple Trace Display Options
* Presets for SSB, CW, PSK & User Selections
* Auto-Ranging
* Trapezoid Linearity Display
(Requires two couplers)

Spectrum Analyzer
* Displays Modulation Spectrum of Transmitted Signal
* Adjustable Span & Averaging
* Two Tone Generator
* IMD Readout for Two Tone SSB, PSK

Multi Display
* Displays Up To 4 Couplers Simultaneously
* Bargraphs for Peak & Average Power, SWR
* Numerical Readouts for the Above Parameters
* Displays Gain Between Any 2 Channels

The LP-500 will only be offered assembled. Initial coupler offerings will be 3KW HF/6m & 10KW HF active couplers. A 1500W VHF active coupler is also in the works.

Pricing has been set at $795USD for the meter and one coupler.
Additional couplers (up to 4 total) can be added for $150USD each.


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