MKARS80 QRP 80m Transceiver kit

The MAKRS80 is a QRP transceiver designed for use for use on the 80M band, the circuit was developed from the BITX20 designed by Ashhar Farhan. Although simple in design perceived performance is as good as a commercial transceiver.

Main changes from Ashhar’s original design are the inclusion of a frequency counter and a Huff and Puff frequency stabiliser; this circuit will help keep the VFO tuned to the same frequency for long periods without any “drift”.

As seen in the photo to the left, all components are mounted on to a single high quality PCB making construction relatively straight forward. The only “wiring” needed is short pieces of wire to connect the potentiometers to the PCB.

To assist with construction there is a comprehensive manual that can be downloaded from this page, also available for download are a drilling template and front panel overlay.


* Full 80M LSB coverage (3.5 – 3.8MHz)
* ~ 5 Watts output power
* Single conversion superhet with 4 pole crystal filter
* Frequency display with “Huff and Puff” circuit for stabilisation
* Modulation monitor – helps stop over modulation
* Volt meter – useful for battery operation
* Reverse polarity protection (fuse protected)


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