SWLing: Libya Psyops

Here is latest list of frequencies reported and those monitored from here on the Radio Ranch.

All frequencies are in kHz.

4196.0 Naval Military style CWC tracking net USB (American English accents). Sounds like a surface voice coordination net. Passing a track for a Russian AGI (3/21 @ 2150 UTC). Early on in Operation Odyssey Dawn that was used as a NATO AWACS tracking net USB: Callsign Magic #NATO#

5725.0 UK Royal Navy CWC-style net USB.

6688.0 French Strategic Air Force Net – Commandement Des Forces A?riennes Strat?giques (CFAS) USB: Callsign Capitol

6712.0 French Air Force Commandement De La Force A?rienne De Projection (CFAP) USB: Callsign: Circus Verte

6733.0 RAF TASCOMM YL weather traffic to Solex 11 a Sentry AEW1 with TAF weather for LCRA RAF Akrotiri. QSYed to 9019.0 and 9031.0 kHz USB

6761.0 USAF Global refueling Operations USB

6877.0 USAF Psyop transmissions against Libyan Navy + jamming

9019.0 UK RAF TASCOMM USB TAF weather traffic.

9031.0 UK RAF TASCOMM USB Operational Messages + TAF weather traffic

10315.0 DHN 66 NATO Geilenkirchen GER E-3 AWACS/Magic to DHN66 Link USB

12311.0 French Air Force Centre De Conduite Des Op?rations A?riennes (CCOA) USB: Callsign Veilleur/AWACS callsign Cyrano.

16160.0 French Air Force up with voice and RATT on 16160 kHz USB. Probable Cyrano ops from AWACS.

Libyan GMMRA HF ALE network was still active as of 3/21/2011 on 5368.0 6884.0 8200.0 9375.0 10125.0 10404.0. Look for the MOBILE## and HQ1 ALE Addresses.

Souces and References:

Recordings are available from the websites
Numbers and Oddities website or an alternate address at NUMBERSODDITIES.nl


More on all Psyop: http://mt-shortwave.blogspot.com/
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/QSLRptMT

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