M2 6M-1000 (1kW) AMPLIFIER


Model 6M-1000
Frequency Range 50.000 to 50.500 MHz
Power Out 1000 Watts Nom. @ 80W Drive
Modes SSB, CW, JT65, FM
Duty Cycles Intermittent 50% Duty Cycle
Efficency 50%-60%
DC Power 45-50 VDC Nom. @45A
Harmonic Output Exceeds FCC Requirements
Input/Output Conn SO-239 Teflon
Preamp Relay Volt OUt 12VDC @.5A
External Relay Control N.O. 18 VDC @.6A Max
Key Mode / Conn Key to Ground / RCA
Protection Temp Controlled Fans (3)
SWR Shut Down at 2:1
Over Temp Shut Down + 90C
Over Drive Fold Back @ 1000W
Sequencing for External Relays
Operating Temp -20 to +35C
Size 6.75″W x 5.25″H, 12″ Deep
Weight 12 lbs.
Shipping Weight 15 lbs. / UPS



The 6M-1000 represents the culmination of many years of solid state amplifiers designed by Ken Holladay, K6HCP (KLM, Mirage and RF Concepts). Physical size and weight are the smallest ever for this KW amp. When combined with a lightweight switching power supply at 7-10 lb, the 6M-1000 is perfect for DXpeditions and field day operations. It will make a great addition to any home station as well. The 6M-1000 is designed for EME and Meteor scatter using either CW or
the very popular JT6M and JT65A. Full power output of 1 KW for 50 seconds using JT65A should be possible for hours. Two temperature controlled whisper fans cool the finned heat sink and will cycle on and off as needed. A third fan cools the tank circuit components. If external preamp and relays are used, the amp supplies 12 VDC and also sequences a N.O. key line. What a perfect 6M package when combined with our new 6M8GJ Yagi.

Price: $2650.00 USD


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