Elektor Electronic Toolbox combines electronic reference material with calculation and conversion tools in one handy app. Whether a professional or hobbyist, the app gives users a collection of the most important electrical information right at their fingertips.

PLEASE NOTE: The App supports the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Netherlands, Spanish and runs on all devices from iPod Touch, iPhone 2,3G,3GS,4 and iPad from iOS 3.1.2 to iOS 4.x. Both Apps (iPhone and HD) are now identical so there is no need to buy the other version if you already have one.

Elektor Electronic Toolbox combines 28 different categories, all with a consistent look and feel. Categories include:
• Type listings (with color coding) for Resistors including SMD types and Capacitors
• Databases for Transistors, FETs, Triacs, Thyristors, Diodes and ICs
• Calculating circuit values for Resistor, Capacitor, Coil, and Filter circuits
• An Ohms Law calculator
• Unit conversion for numerous types of Measurements (pressure, energy, distance, speed, weight, etc.)
• A database for common electrical Symbols
• An Indices database of common electrical components
• Calculation of voltage regulators with 78xx,79xx,LM317 or LM337
• NE555 circuit design
• Op-amp circuit calculation
• Number base converter (Hex, decimal, binary etc.)
• Frequency, period wave-length calculation
• LED / resistor calculation
• Voltage divider calculation
• R/L calculations
• BJT calculations
• Schematic Diagrams
• Pinouts of Audio, Video, Computer or phone sockets

With many of the categories, input values can be entered with unit levels included (m, k, ?, etc.), providing automatic conversion to the appropriate value. The app provides visual displays of the circuits and components being used, further simplifying its use. An enormous database is also included with information for over 15000 transistors, ICs, diagrams, and component specifications, all available without an Internet connection.

Database examples:
• The transistor, FET, Triac, Thyristor und Diodes database contains over 45000 types and a full text search is available to find and compare types
• The transistor database includes data such as NPN/PNP, silicon/germanium, Ptot, Vcbo, Icmax, etc.
• Diagrams are provided for transistor housings, indicating base, collector, and emitter terminals
• The IC database contains the most common 4000 CMOS and 7400 TTL series types, including connection diagrams and functional descriptions (NAND gate, Schmitt trigger, etc.)
• The Indices database offers international names and specifications of batteries, coaxial cables, conductive substances, and various frequencies

At this point, many thanks for the ideas and suggestions we have received from the huge user community. We are happy that most of these suggestions could have been implemented over the time. We still looking forward to all additional ideas, suggestions or even criticism so that we are happy to continuously improve this App.

What’s New in Version 3.05.08

New in this Version 3.05.08:
– Additional HAM Radio Bands added to the Indices tool
– Additional Symbols like switch, relay and transformer added
– RCA and XLR Types added to Connectors
– Bitwise invert, shift left/right, reverse added to the Base Units tool
– Additional reported errors and change requests implemented (Thank you!)

Price: $ 5.99

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