SPE EXPERT 2K-FA 2Kw MosFet amplifier

– Double the power output of the 1K-FA to 2000W on HF (1800W on 50 MHz).
– The only solid state linear amplifier delivering this power on 50 Mhz.
– 6 selectable antennas.
– Continuous operation.
– Capable of driving an external set of band pass filters, for a perfect SO2R or multi station operation for contests and DXpeditions.
– Optional automatic tuner remotable for automatic management of up to 6 antennas with just one coaxial cable feed.
– USB port for PC control and downloading upgrades.
– Advanced switching power supply with automatic Power Factor Correction (according to the new EU’s rules).
– Possibility to drive directly all tunable antennas, such as the SteppIR.
– Dimensions: w38xh18xd42 cm. (connectors included)
– Weight: around 20 Kg.

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