JX7VPA DXpedition 2011 to Jan Mayen

Jan Mayen island is not placed at the top of the 100 Most Wanted DXCC list, but it’s still very wanted in some areas and modes – especially West Coast of the USA, Japan, Oceania, Africa.

JX7VPA – Jan Mayen 2011 DXpedition is being organized by:


  • July 2 – team members gather in Reykjav?k, the capital of Iceland
  • July 4 – the team leaves Reykjavik and heads towards town of Akureyri in north of Iceland
  • July 4 – the team departs from Dalv?k – a small village next to Akureyri around 19.00 UTC.
  • July 5 – on the sea
  • July 6 – seeing Jan Mayen in evening hours, landing on the island, setting up our camp/stations, a first station goes on the air
  • July 6-14, 2011 – ON THE AIR
  • July 14 – we start to break down the camp, the very last day of our operation
  • July 15 – on the sea
  • July 16 – we are back to Iceland in ?safj?r?ur – NE Iceland around 12.00 UTC

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