New LD-1B SDR Receiver

The LD-1B now comes with an installed USB isolator, which improves the noise floor (and sensitivity) by about 6 dB! The LD-1B was a great Software-Defined Radio (SDR) before, and is now literally TWICE as good! It’s a general-coverage, 100 kHz – 30 MHz, USB-controlled receiver intended for Radio Amateurs. Its low cost and high performance (comparable to a typical Amateur-grade receiver, such as an FT-817) make it a great addition to any ham shack. Small in size, it is also ideal for portable operation using a notebook computer. It does require a host computer, either desktop or notebook (or even a netbook) with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7; a souncard with a stereo line-in connector; and SDR signal-processing software (Winrad is recommended, download it at no cost). The current host software and firmware may be downloaded on the Downloads page.

The LD-1B has a very nice extruded aluminum enclosure with an attractive black anodized finish.

Price: $285


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