TransFox SDR Transceiver 1-1100 MHz

TransFox is an SDR (Software Definable Radio) transceiver, based on the SynFoxHigh Resolution Multi-Accumulator Fractional-N synthesis.

It is available in receiver or receiver/transmitter configuration covering 1MHz to 1100 MHz. Frequency plan can be extended beyond existing frequency range upon agreement., and some additional and unique options, “ruggedness options” or “robustness options” are either available or in preparation.

TransFox Highlights

General coverage 1-1100 MHz
Outstanding LO resolution (1Hz), phase noise & lock times thanks to SynFox technology
Brings unique VHF, UHF and SHF coverage to SDR
SDR demodulation and modulation over 50, 100 or 200 KHz baseband
Compatible with existing Windows or Linux software in addition to specific SigFox software
FFT spectrum analysis
1 Hz tuning resolution through conventional ”fixed filter/agile LO” operation, or SDR “mouse tuning” operationTransFox, being based on SynFox, exhibits outstanding performance of high resolution (1Hz steps), low phase noise (Better than -100dBc/Hz @ 1kHz) with very short lock times (40us for 1MHz step). Main advantage of High Resolution Frac-N synthesis, is a low phase noise associated with low consumption, and this, particularly in regions far beyond DDS traditional coverage limit (200 MHz).

Thus, SigFox technology widely opens the VHF, UHF and SHF space to SDR, where other SDR radios are confined in the HF region.

Another advantage of high resolution, is the possibility to still “physically” tune or “AFC” the signal within a given “fixed” filter, and thus come back to the “fixed filter / agile LO” method used on conventional receivers, in addition to the “mouse tuning” by digital complex multiplier brought by SDR. Most of the HF SDR can’t do this, because using fixed LO’s in order to achieve a good noise. Although digital “mouse tuning” is the usually preferred method in SDR, physical tuning can allow to further improve robustness up to outstanding level by adding a crystal filter option to TransFox, while keeping many advantages of SDR.

They accept pre-order and 1st deliveries at the middle of july (limited quantities)

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