ALPIN 200 HF Linear Amplifier


The linear amplifier Alpin 200 is designed for all HF amateur bands from 1,8 – 29,7 Mhz. It is equipped with pair metal – ceramic tetrode 4CX-800A (GU-74B). The Alpin 200 contains a build in microprocessor which monitors all important parameters and show them to the LCD display. It realize also protection system, which can avoid damages.

Technical Specifications

Made in Germany
Frequency coverage: All Amateur Radio Bands 1.8-29,7 MHz
Power output: 2000 Watts continues
Output Circuit: Pi-L Network with matching Capability – VSWR up to 1:3 (15-160 Ohms)
Output impedance: 50 Ohm unbalanced
Input circuit: Broadband with VSWR less than 1.3:1
Driving power: 60 Watts (typical)
Harmonics suppression: > 50dB
Intermodulation distortion: > 35dB
RF gain: 15dB
Primary power: 230VAC – 50/60Hz
Tube: Pair 4CX800A (GU74B) forced air
Dimensions: (W x D x H) 470mm x 415mm x 190mm
Weight: 40 kg

Price: 3599 Euro

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