The Stealth KN2C Radio Direction Finder DDF2020T (Kit)

The Stealth DDF2020T/GPS is an economical but very sophisticated Doppler Direction Finder with GPS and can connect a PC or Laptop, to position and draw plots on GoogleEarthTM display window accompanied with “Navi 2020” plotting program.


Multi Display – Numeric & 36 LED pelorus display
Compatible with APRS software
Can use with “Navi2020” map plotting display program (with the optional GPS Receiver)
Uses GoogleEarthTM viewer for displaying map of ploiting.
Automatic or manual operation
Accepts standard $GPRMC NMEA GPS message
Archive Navi files are auto-saved


Microcomputer / DSP Doppler DF
Patent 5 Antenna Module
GPS input for “moving map” Windows display
RS232 output for PCs (can use with Serial to USB conveter)
Uses Any Type of FM Receiver and Scanner, Wideband Antenna design
12 – 28 VDC operation
Pre-assembled External Antenna Unit for Plug and Play
5 antenna elements for improving the sensitivity and accuracy
Suitable from 100 to 1000 Mhz and beyond
Useful from 88 to 100 MHz with reduced sensitivity


VHF/UHF Doppler type DF, (5 antennas) primarily for mobile DF operation, 100 to 1000 MHz
The user must provide additional equipment (PC or laptop) to use the DDF2020T DF System:
A VHF/UHF FM receiver is required. (For receiving a signal for DF)
Pre-assembled antena unit for Plug and Play

Comes With DDF2020T, Antenna Unit, GPS Receiver(option), Navi2020 Program(Option), 3.5mm Audio Cable Set, Antenna Control Cable(4.3 m), RG174 Cable(14.5 m), Bracket, Cigar Cord. – Not Include Receiver and antennas.


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