CW Logikey K-5

Logikey K-5 Specifications:

* Fully iambic keyer; can emulate most other keyers including Curtis “A” timing and Accukeyer
* Works perfectly with single-lever, non-iambic paddles
* Six active messages plus 12 “banked” messages, 1530 characters total
* Messages may ‘call’ others and contain programmed functions
* Messages can loop for continuous replay
* Messages can allow break-in for paddle-inserted text with automatic resumption
* Message editing capability of existing messages
* Ultra Speed mode allows messages at speeds to 990 WPM!
* Contest serial number: 001 to 9999, with push-button decrement if needed
* Linear speed control: 5 to 60 WPM, speed range can be easily customized
* Adjustable weighting: 25% to 75%
* Adjustable frequency sidetone monitor, 500 – 900 Hz, internal monitor level control
* Tune function for transmitter adjustment, hand key mode from paddle
* Operator Selectable automatic character spacing
* Full beacon capability
* Messages and keyer configuration saved if power is lost
* Variable compensation for QSK transmitter character shortening
* Keyer offers precise speed read-out
* Keys all solid state and most tube rigs (virtually everything made since 1964)
* No paddle “buffering” or “debouncing” required with any paddle
* Comes complete with printed manual (English)
* Runs on 12 volts DC, less than .1 amp, or on 3 AAA batteries when installed in internal battery pack
* Size: 4.25″ (107mm) W X 1 7/8″ (48mm) H X 5 5/8″ (143 mm) D
* Stainless Steel Fasteners
* 90 day limited warranty
* Offered at $149.95 (see below to order)
* Partial Kit also available for $58.00 (see below for details)

The new Logikey K-5 keyer replaces the classic K-3 keyer, of which thousands have been sold. The K-5 uses the identical firmware – all operating features of the K3 remain unchanged. The K-5 features a new, lower height chassis/cabinet with improved fit and finish. The K-5 includes a built in battery holder, which accepts three AAA cells, which will run the keyer for many months of normal operating. The K-5 will also run off 12 volts DC, and when powered with 12 volts DC the batteries if installed do not drain.

The K-5 also includes some circuit refinements, designed to offer improved protection for the CPU from lightning and static discharges.

Fasteners used in the K-5 are all 18-8 stainless steel.

Price: 150 USD


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