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Welcome to the free hamradio callbook. Since the owner of one popular server decided to hide all addresses until you are not registered, I decide to write my own. This callbook provides all information for free because you entered data to callbook for free and didn’t get paid for it. So it won’t be right to ask for a payment if you want to publish your data.

You can also register to our server, edit or add your own address, write some biography details, put photos here etc. What is unique, you can choose if your address or other contact details will be shown also to unregistered users. It is your choice, not my. I won’t hide your address or any details. Only you can do that. uses exclusively data widely available on the Internet for free. The server space and other web site related things are not available for free, it would be appreciated if you send small donation. Or just spread all over the world that this nice site exists. I’d like to have as much users as possible.

In next few days I develop a dedicated access for logging software developers. It will be very similar to XML access because it could be very easy to implement it. Stay tuned, please.


Dan, OK1HRA – Dan created design of the front page and all logos. He has very good sense of graphics, colors and user experiences things.

Martin, OK1RR – Martin provided me a lot of callbook databases downloaded from the Internet. Also helps me with my poor English, application testing etc.

Misa (OK2-36141) – She is supporting me in everything I’m working on. I spent more than 14 nights developing this callbook and she is still supporting me and was the first person who saw this website and could register here.

Petr, OK2CQR – owner

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