Russian Pirate HF stations and their frequencies

General Channels (Frequencies)
1) 1600-1810 KHz – this is a “teens” Band. Only for АМ modulation. The best Band for new (beginners) RU pirates.

2) 2000-2200 KHz – “150м Band” – not many RU pirates using this frequencies now. (2000-2100 KHz).

3) 2400-2600 KHz – “120м Band” – АМ modulation only.

4) 2900-3300 KHz – “Troyka” or “100м Band”. This is a General pirate Band.

Some RU pirates using a Russian military equipment i.e. 1 KWT TX “R-140”  and HF receivers R-399, R-250, R-678, R-155. Also radio stations i.e. R-118 and R-102. Somebody using home made equipment. Mostly working by АМ  Modulation.

“Freedom channels” :
5) 2900-2940 KHz /Call freq 2920 KHz/ – USB.

6) 6630-6670 KHz /Call freq 6660 KHz/ – USB. Some RU pirates calling this band a “HELL BAND”

7) 10430-10480 KHz /Call freq 10460 KHz/ – USB. During the winter time, (tonight) the propagation is open to whole spread-out Russian territory. This is the best time for long distance QSO. Some RU pirates using  (5 Watts) Low Power and simple wire antennas. This is very popular Band.

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