Your Story in Amateur Radio

“When I was young…”

Very nice and interesting project innovated by Cliff Cheng, Ph.D., AC6C. You can share and submit / describe your personal story of your steps into Big World of HAM Radio.

Please share with your fellow hams a story of your Novice year(s). The story should mainly focus on your Novice period. A story can be a photo or a few lines of text to a full blown story of several pages. If all you want to do is send us your Novice QSL or shack photo, we would love to post it as your story. A few Novice stories are terse with name, Novice callsign, QTH and rig. We welcome those stories too. We do not expect great literature. Speaking from the heart about how much you enjoy ham radio and starting as a Novice is more important than fancy words.


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