Satellite AZ/EL RADANT AZ3000V Rotor


Made in Russia

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Operating voltage * : +12 V ? +24 B
Current consumption : 5A (12V) x 2
The transmitted time : ** (max)  200N / m
Rotation speed : 1ob/120sek (12B)
Output Signal  : Pulse
Number imp : 360o  576
Rotate the azimuth is not mechanically limited
Rotate elevation is not mechanically limited
The vertical load : 80kg
Lateral load : 50kg
Weight : 40 kg
Mounting Pipe: Height 140mm / The inner diameter 70mm

* The maximum voltage electric motor must not exceed 16V.
the cable from the control panel to the steering mechanism.
** The maximum force developed rotary mechanism at 12V – 30kgs / m
     The maximum transmitted moment for the output gear – 20kgs / m

The turning mechanism consists of two parts, upper and lower. Lower gear is rotated in azimuth. He set an upper gearbox, with through which the rotation in elevation. Each part consists of an electric motor and a double worm gear. The first worm gear is part of the GEAR MOTOR. The second worm gear pair is part of the output gear. Housing output gear made of aluminum, gear bronze, steel worm shaft. Worm and an output shaft mounted in high-quality bearings (KOYO). Using high quality seals (Freudenberg, NOK). The output gear is filled with synthetic oil (MOBIL, Glygoyle 30-25 ° ? +80 o) for life and requires no maintenance. The lower output gear mounted on a shaft that is fixed (weld on both sides) on the mounting pole.

On the opposite side mounted flange, which does not transmit rotation, and is the reference. Ie he can rotate the output shaft.
Bearing flange fixed bolt.

Depending on the design of the antenna, the two flanges can be connected to each other external bridge for synchronous rotation. The turning mechanism is recommended for the rotation of satellite dishes (Plates) with a diameter up to 4 meters, with respective balances. / Google translation /

WEB Site (Russian) (Google Translation in English)

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