RRC-1258MkIIs Yaesu TWIN remote control

The Yaesu Twin concept is a high end concept for the serious ham who do not accept any compromise even when remote controlling his station. It was initially developed for controlling OH8X Radio Arcala which is one of the most impressive stations in the World.

The concept is simple at the same time as it is extremely powerful. You use one Yaesu radio to control the other, and you can control every single function from the controlling radio. S-meters, Power meters etc will also be replicated to the controlling radio. The concept was initially developed to be used by two Yaesu FT-5000:s, but when it’s now released to the public it will also work with FT-950, FT-2000 and FT-9000 in pairs. Combinations of them can also be used, a FT-5000 can be controlled by a FT-950, FT2000 and FT-9000 also.

There is a specially designed package for the Yaesu Twin concept, including the Yaesu Twin RRC-boxes the special firmware and all necessary cables. There is no need to open the boxes, no strapping are needed only setup of IP-addresses etc. Remember that you can use the controlling radio locally also if you switch off the RRC. The standard RRC-1258MKIIs will not support the Yaesu Twin concept.

RRC-1258MkIIs Yaesu Twin (DualRX) is a complete package with hardware and software for the Yaesu Twin Concept. Power supplys and all needed cables are included and no strapping is needed, only IP-configurations etc. Learn more on the For prices check Webshop or your nearest distributor.

Included in the package is: Control-RRC Radio-RRC
Power Supply 12V/1A (2pc)
USB cable Power cables (2 pc)
Cat 5 cable 2m (2 pc)
Mic cables (2 pc)
RS-232 cables (2 pc)
Audio cable
Key cable
Adapter from 1/8? to 1/4? (2 pc)
Adapter from 1/4? to 1/8? (2 pc).


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