USB APRS TNC Digi Tracker

The APRS TNC Digi Tracker isn’t just a mobile APRS tracker.
Connect to the USB port of a laptop, flick a switch and it also runs as a TNC with UI-View displaying local stations on the screen.
Flick another switch and it’s a digipeater as well.

Easy to program with freeware APRS Messenger Lite program that also doubles as a receive only igate program.
Use with freeware APRS Messenger program and it’s an emergency communications message control station or satellite ground station for International Space Station packet radio.

Now available with a built-in Sirf Star III GPS receiver with internal patch antenna and a SMA connector for use with an external GPS antenna.
Just the job for RAYNET or ARES emergency communications or just everyday APRS tracking!

Features include:

  • Encodes and decodes 1200 bd APRS packets

  • Works with UI-View for map display and messaging

  • Fill-in stand-alone APRS digipeater

  • Digi All option for special events and RAYNET emergency use

  • Mobile APRS GPS tracker

  • Now available with a built-in Sirf III GPS receiver with internal antenna and SMA external antenna socket

  • It can also feed GPS NMEA data out on the USB port to a PC for navigation and other programs

  • Programmable with any serial terminal program or CCW APRS Messenger Lite freeware program

  • Works with Winpack for converse packet radio.

  • Pin compatible with existing APRS trackers using a 9 way D type connector for the radio port

  • Uses the FTDI USB chip with drivers available for Windows, Linux and OS-X

  • Provides transmit and receive audio and PTT connections for a 144 MHz (2 metre) FM transceiver

  • Power requirements 7 to 25V current consumption 100 mA

  • Complies with FCC Part 15 rules and EU specifications for EMC, RoHS and WEEE

  • Built to last with high grade components and reliable firmware in a tough ABS case

For further information the Operating Manual can be downloaded as a 3.1 MB PDF file here.
A zip file containing the UI-View configuration file and text document explaining how to set-up UI-View to work with the TNC can be downloaded here.

APRS Messenger Lite(a freeware set-up program and APRS receiver igate program for the APRS TNC Digi Tracker can be downloaded here.


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