DX CODE OF CONDUCT. Be, or not to be…?

DX Expedition 2011 to the Southern Sudan is a vivid indicator how HAM radio degraded. Recently there has been introduced such a thing as CODE OF CONDUCT. Many HAM’s positively responded to this initiative. But as a result, it seems that nobody is going to abide by this Code. It was just Declaration.

DX expeditions operators are no longer able to cope with the situation and sometimes split smears to incredible sizes. Example – one famous ST0R operator used split at 50 KHz (!) on 21 MHz SSB. The HAM behavior is getting worse we have ever heard on the bands.

The situation is really out of hand. I suspect it comes from CBers who are now becoming Hams since there is no longer any CW (Morse) code testing. It is a very sad symptom and absolutely terrible situation. If it goes on we will have something bad, but definitely no HAM Radio anymore.

Some DXCluster Spot samples:

DX de DK3BK: 21024.0 ST0R Why so big split?
DX de OE1SGU: 18100.0 ST0R No chance for legal power
DX de AC0M: 21024.0 ST0R DX Code illegal power lids
DX de GW3RIH: 14144.0 ST0R No shame + No Honour = Not HAM
DX de II9ARI: 14145.0 ST0R QRM from IT9RYH
DX de IW5EJP: 14145.0 ST0R Shut up deutch
DX de ON4LDU: 21024.0 ST0R Kids and CBierfor sure
DX de D2SWL: 14145.0 ST0R Radio Police Net Freq.
DX de N6WK: 14024.0 ST0R Worst pileup I have ever seen
DX de CU3AK: 14024.0 ST0R Worst than the Russian Rulet
DX de NQ4A: 14024.1 ST0R What happened to courtesy?

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