Kidnapping attempts

Confirmed security incident of a potential Abduction, Highjacking and or
Robbery occurred last night 05 May 2005. At approximately 19:48 hrs three
World Bank International staff members with their local driver were
proceeding to have dinner at the French Restaurants (L’ Atmosphere) which
is located in Qalai Fath Ullah Street 4th within Police District 10.

In a location approx 300 meters south of the L’ Atmosphere restaurant and 150
meters from the main road a yellow colored domestic Taxi Carolla with five
individuals intercepted the WB vehicle from the right hand and stopped 20
meters a head of the WB vehicle blocking the road to the front. Within
seconds three armed individuals with AK 47 two of whom were wearing khaki
(military type) pants and Jackets and the third one had a local Afghan
attire (Shalwar Qameese with a white shawl) came running out of the Carolla
and moved directly towards the WB vehicle. One of the armed man took a
standpoint in front of the vehicle and triggered his weapon which was
aiming toward the WB driver, the two other armed individuals moved around
the vehicle one at the rear and one to the aside of the WB vehicle. The WB
driver and staff were alerted of the existing threat and took an immediate
evasive action, the WB driver immediately “Reversed Out” from the danger
area at a high speed and managed to make a safe J-turn and proceed back on
the main road and extract from the incident scene in less then a minute.
The armed perpetrators failed to follow the WB vehicle, and the WB staff
safely arrived back to the WB office.

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