New HB-1A 3 BAND QRP trcvr


The HB-1A ultra-compact 3-band CW QRP transceiver is designed and manufactured in China by BD4RG, a fellow ham by the name of BU XIANZHI in the city of NANJING, CHINA. The performance is similar to the Elecraft KX-1 and offers switching between the 20, 30 and 40 Meter bands. It is advertised to put out 4 Watts on a Mains connected 12 Volt DC power supply and 2 watts nominal on the 8 internal AA batteries. HB stands for Home Brew and was originally designed as a kit. Today the HB-1A is offered as a complete product (batteries not included) using professional assembly with Surface Mounted Technology. The cost seems to be in line with most other rigs offering similar features, power output, multi-bands and of course, size. The current pricing including freight direct from the manufacturer represents a bargain when compared to other units offering similar features. Let’s look at the features:


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