В Чад и Судан требуется радиотехник

AFrica(Employment) In Sudan and Chad are required the Radio tech staff

Internews Network Inc.
Internews® Network is an international media development organization based in Arcata, CA and Washington, DC whose mission is to empower local media worldwide to give people the news and information they need, the ability to connect, and the means to make their voices heard.

Closing date: 30 Nov 2009
Location: Sudan (the) – Rumbek

General Function:

Internews Network is currently seeking an experienced FM radio engineer for the position of Radio Technical Manager to be based in Rumbek, Sudan. This position provides complete technical and ICT support, including the purchase, maintenance and upgrade of all equipment, to community radio stations in remote parts of the region. The Community Radio Technical Manager will also supervise a roving field-based Radio Technician and be responsible for developing a training curriculum to increase the technical capacity of station staff.

The position requires experience in small low-tech radio stations, preferably in the developing world. The successful candidate will need to be resilient, resourceful and self motivated. The work requires extensive travel to remote parts of Southern Sudan. Competitive salary and benefits package.


– Provide technical support for 5 community radio stations located throughout South Sudan
– Supervise a Radio Technician and lead in technical staff scheduling to provide a high level of technical support to the stations
– Lead in selecting, purchasing and setting up all equipment needs for the construction and outfitting of one new radio station
– Determine on-going support and equipment needs per station and organize for purchase, upgrades and replacement of equipment and parts as needed
– Maintain updated inventory lists of equipment and conditions
– Train on-site staff in basic maintenance of equipment and the basics of broadcast operations
– Develop training materials and manuals for the stations
– Provide IT support for office computers, including software and hardware
– Develop temporary/back-up solutions based upon the materials available at site when necessary
– Set-up and troubleshoot wireless networking solutions
– Create politically and socially sensitive programming
– Set-up, operate and optimise Windows-based computers and networks


– At least 5 years working knowledge and experience in the field with FM Radio Broadcast systems
– Understanding of FM transmission principles, antennas, and towers
– Extensive knowledge of analogue and digital studio equipment
– Familiarity with alternative energy systems, including wind and solar
– Strong communication, reporting and planning skills and ability to exhibit a process driven approach to the work
– Willingness to work in harsh environments with limited infrastructure
– Experience living and working in Africa and/or conflict/post-conflict environments
– Ability to adjust to shifting political circumstances and sensitivity to cross-cultural dynamics in the work place
– Experience supervising staff
– Must be self-reliant, resourceful, good problem-solver, flexible
– Ability to travel within Southern Sudan and the Three Areas. Willingness to spend extended time in the field, with limited facilities, often under harsh conditions.
– Recognised degree or diploma in electronics or associated field


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