Access to HF by Internet Remote Controle

RemoteControlThe system was originally developed with the aim to remotely control the Icom IC-706 (and later the kenwood TS-480) over the internet. These radios have detatchable control panels and the idea was to extend the cord between the radio and the panel using TCP/IP (Internet).

Another ‘must’ was to get rid of the PC, especially at the far (radio) end. No more hassle with soundcards, Skype or other PC-software. When you press the Power button on the panel, the radio comes to life at the remote side and soun and panel info flows across the internet between the pair of RRC-1258:s. The technic is the same as modern SIP-based IP telephones + a little extra. The look and feel of the panel is the same as if the panel was directly connected to the radio.



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