HAM Logger for APPLE “iPHONE”

iPHONE_HAM_LOGGERHam Logger is a great application for logging & managing QSO’s in either a portable or fixed location. Ham Logger also includes the following features:

-Ability to save & edit contacts.
-Ability to copy & paste contacts to eQSL.
-Call sign lookup via QRZ.
-Up to the minute propagation of all bands via DXSummit.
-Direct access to QRZ.com.
-Direct access to eQSL.cc.
-Direct access to DXSummit.com.

Note: Ham Logger is not meant to be a replacement for traditional logging applications, but rather a quick way of logging in your QSO’s when your access is limited to a more
conventional or formal method of logging.


Price: 0.79 EU / 0.99 USD

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