Make your QRPp life fun


This double-sideband (DSB) radiotelephone transmitter is powered entirely by the instantaneous (not stored) energy produced in the operator’s voice. The RF output power in my prototype falls within the range of 5 to 15mW. The circuit is essentially a high-level DSB modulator/crystal-controlled RF oscillator.

QRPp_Diagramm1DX QSO made by author:

10/13/09    W1VZR  57/459     Limerick, ME   160km 2.5mW Early ckt; resorted to “mouth CW”
10/22/09    AA1MY    57/33      Bethel, ME     160km 5mW 1st skywave voice-pwr fone QSO!
10/22/09    W1PID    59/54  Sanbornton, NH  109km 5mW Horrendous QRN; Fabulous QSO!

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