ОБСЕ ищет инструктора – альпиниста

OSCE-logoВ Таджикистан требуется инструктор по альпинизму в ОБСЕ (Организация по безопасности в Европе).

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The OSCE Office in Tajikistan (OiT) is delivering an extra budgetary project entitled “Patrol Programming and Leadership – Tajikistan” in support of the Border Guards of the Republic of Tajikistan. The OiT seeks a Winter Training Officer to train students to plan, prepare and conduct covert human surveillance patrol in hostile terrain during the winter period.


The activities will include training, which will be delivered by the trainers working as a team.

The trainers will work under the management of the project Team Leader who in turn will report to the relevant Programme Manager in the OSCE Office in Tajikistan.

Under the leadership of the Team Leader, the incumbents will be responsible for:

* Delivery of a course programme, using theoretical, practical and field training techniques and exercises to train students to plan and conduct long range tactical patrolling and covert human surveillance (observation) patrols in difficult terrain and extreme climatic conditions for extended periods (up to 5 days at a time) during the winter period;
* Provision of training in the survival and other equipment required to conduct long range surveillance patrols during the winter period;
* Work out a Winter Alpine Training Program and Course concept according the Training Outline, Needs and Requirements of the Project Proposal;
* Develop the methodology of training, organize training aids and lesson facilities, draft lesson plans and prepare presentations;
* Identify and assess the proper training area for the entire training, including scenario training;
* Conduct and lead the entire training, advice and correct the participants regarding the training topics and safety/security rules, to meet the training outcome according Training outline.

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