New YAESU monoband “FT-1907, FT1907 / h” radio

FT-1900 – 20 Watts (VHF Version), FT-1900/H – 50 Watts
FT-1907 – 20 Watts (UHF Version), FT-1907/H – 50 Watts

  • Heavy-duty design that can be sent without a cooling fan for a long time by a large aluminum die-cast
  • 3W loud speaker
  • Illuminated large display lighting and adopt key
  • 6 You can click on the tag memory and the memory of the eight characters 200ch one memory bank

  • Channel display mode
  • One-touch lock
  • 136MHz?174MHz Received wide-band 136MHz ~ 174MHz
  • Various scan functions
  • Tone frequency search function
  • Smart search function to automatically record the frequency of received signals in the band to search
  • Access keys WiRES-II
  • Automatically check whether the other stations within walking function ARTS
  • CW Training feature
  • Timeout timer, auto power OFF function
  • DTMF memory function
  • Password function
  • DCS and a variety of individual calling features
  • Pager functionality, features Bell
  • RF squelch function
  • Voltage display
  • Can also direct frequency input DTMF microphone included
  • Mike can be assigned to four keys for commonly used functions in one program

P.S. Sorry for bad translation from Japanese 🙂

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