Satellite tracking on the iPhone/iPod touch. Track and predict visible satellite passes. Touch a satellite in the map view to see it’s orbit path and location. The Overhead sky view shows what is in the sky for your location. Touch a satellite to find out what it is and where it is going. Includes satellite pass predictions with viewing times, directions, and sky track display.

$9.99 US on the iPhone App Store


– Real time satellite tracking

– Overhead sky track view

  1. -Satellite pass predictions
  2. -Pass alert notifications *
  3. -What’s up next display

– Supports landscape or portrait orientation

– One touch orbit data updates

– Customizable satellite sets

  1. -Time Control

– Night vision mode

  1. -Easy setup using iPhone location or from city list
  2. -Select view seen for any time or location in the world


Can also be used to accurately determine optimal satellite dish orientation for geostationary satellites at any location using iPhone GPS location.

GoSatWatch uses multiple orbital data sets from NASA to accurately predict the location of the space station and space shuttle. This is important for tracking space shuttle missions to account for orbital maneuvers. Using the time control you can fast forward to see how the shuttle closes in and docks with the international space station.

GoSatWatch makes it easy to obtain and update satellite orbital data with a single touch. No searching for and manually transferring data for an update. Comes with a database of over 200 satellites including the international space station, visible satellites, satellite radio, Iridium constellation and the space shuttle. Fully customizable to remove or add more satellites to the database.

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