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HAM radio operator Katia RZ9UMA. 10 yrs old

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Katia (!) httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWg4HFN99qQ Note: This kid (10 years old) decoding Morse code signals with the brain and transmit by electronic CW keyer + working by SSB on english. Great! Related Video

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CW Pile-Up or Never give up!

My change to catch VU4 on my FT817 (5 Watts) and Vertical is = 0

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New QRP Kit “Mosquita-3”

Mosquita is a typical “Made in Old Europe” Kit-Design. What does this mean? 1. European HAMs know it, US HAMs may have heard about it: Short wave in Europe is a strange thing. Hundreds of high power BC stations cause … Continue reading

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ARRL CW Contest 2011 has started

Some 7 MHz Band observation tonight. YU1LA was a Strongest Signal on the 40m Band in NW Part of Germany. Not quite correct assessment (comparison) of two signals – (HAM Radio and Broadcast signals) RX: SDR “Perseus” and Vertical 12m … Continue reading

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httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQvorowIP_8 Related Discussion Forum (TKS for Link to TF4M)

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A Вы говорите кодом Морзе?

– «Вы говорите кодом Морзе?» Иногда я задаю этот вопрос корреспондентам после обмена обязательной информацией, что типично для большей части связей — RST, NAME, QTH …. И совсем не многие подтверждают готовность «поговорить». Известно, что большинство операторов записывает на бумагу … Continue reading

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CW is FUN (in Full Duplex)

Some additional short experience got on 10 MHz today with FULL DUPLEX CW. I’ve used Online HF Receiver in Europe. CW 7 MHz CW 10 MHz CW 10 MHz

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LEGO Morse Code Paddle


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