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CAT and FT857d

There an issue of using YAESU “FT857d” transceiver CAT control in conjunction with the YAESU antenna tuner “FC40”. It controlled through the CAT. Thus it is not possible to use the CAT together (example with E-LOGBOOK or other devices) through … Continue reading

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W3LPL on Beverages

I use separate phased Beverage (note the capitalization, this is a man’s name!) arrays on 160M, 80M and 40M. (hey… why do u refer to 80M as 75M??? 300 divided by 3.75 = 80 !!! Or have ur SS interests … Continue reading

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httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQvorowIP_8 Related Discussion Forum (TKS for Link to TF4M)

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SDR Perseus tips

The most sensitive place in the SDR receiver Perseus is a Voltage Regulator. After an unsuccessful attempt to connect another power supply to SDR Perseus, receiver suddenly flashed all the lights and stopped working. Acrid smoke filled the room… As … Continue reading

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New Hyper Plate Cap

For your Liner Aplifier EIMAC tube (3-500Z) Watch VIDEO Sales by 73CNC Co

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Battery tips


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Tips and tricks for Nikon “D700” & “D3”

Here are some of the tricks I’ve learned after putting a couple thousand frames through it. The vast majority of these tricks apply to the D3 as well as the D700. ISO ISO performance is amazing from 200 to 3200, … Continue reading

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