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Web Banner Ads Policy

Web Banner Ads Policy & Placement Rates

Banner ads are graphical web advertising units. The typical size of a banner ad of web site measures 100 pixels wide and 100 pixels in height (i.e. 100×100). Banners ad images are displayed across a network of high traffic publisher web sites. We place your banner on category specific publisher web site that attract visitors interested in what you are offering.

Requirements: your banner must reside on a website / hosting account somewhere online. The banner program will call your banner each time it is needed on our site. You may also select the option to have us host the banner for an additional fee (5 USD).

Banner Submissions:
Banner AD submission guidelines will cover the following topics:

  • The ad file should be no larger than 50KB in size.
  • Ads should be GIF or JPG formats only. Animated GIF’s are OK.
  • Dimensions of the banner (100×100 pix.)
  • The amount of banners that may be submitted (2 per 4 square module)

All banner-advertising campaigns are set up within 24 hours.

Our Web Banner Advertising Campaigns can be directed to the Following Categories:

1) HAM RADIO (Ads web page Zone 1)
2) NEW EQUIPMENT (Ads web  page Zone 1)
3) QRO/QRP (Ads web page Zone 2)
4) HAM Audio (Ads web page Zone 3)
5) HAM Video (Ads web page Zone 3)
6) Live Video (Ads web page Zone 3)
7) Misc (Miscellaneous) (Ads web page Zone 4)

Note*: The Banner may be rotated between ‘ad squares’ after pages refresh.

Banner AD Location: (Top Left sidebar, 4 square module).


Monthly Charge Chart:

  • Cost Plan: Fixed
  • Payment for One Banner per One Slot in Square per One Page ( 1 x 1 )


Location Page Price
ZONE 1 Ham Radio
New Equipment
50 USD x 1 month
ZONE 2 QRO/QRP 25 USD x 1 month
ZONE 3 – Media / HAM Audio
– Media / HAM Video
15 USD x 1 month
ZONE 4 – Media / Live Video 10 USD x 1 month


Method of payments:
Advertiser paying fixed cost for delivery frame by campaign flight dates without any relevance to performance.
Payments are based on monthly terms.
PayPal is the preferred payment method.


Other Amount:
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